Welcome to Sunday – an ominous sexy playground for the mad adult children of the night and the grown up kids too high for tomorrow.

An audacious physical space created for experimental emotional and bodily excess, Sunday pushes the boarders of wicked indecency and the traditional perception of a nightclub experience. Our horny Thai lady boys will make you feel right at home and out of your comfort zone, while we scramble your phone signal to focus your attention on losing your sanity in the moment. In our Kitchen you can inhale a moment of nirvana, while the tunes of a new era of suggestive music provide the club's backdrop. We strive to fuck you up.

At Sunday our guests indulge in raw pleasure and dare to contribute with the open mindedness to receive whatever comes back. We expect you to bring your inner demons and angels and let them roam the night with us.

Opened in August 2013, Sunday is the brain child of the team behind the renowned club SIMONS and acclaimed restaurant Congo - night scene conjurers Simon Frank & Simon Lennet and the Danish entertainer Casper Christensen.

It's a sex craving and depraved child, ever hungry for love, embrace and every moment of nocturnal lunacy.